Coach E founded her women groups in hopes to make a platform for women to voice their concern, and be honest with one another to reach a solution to any relationship issues in their life.  Started with Sista Girls that meet once a month on Saturdays to be able to vent with a purpose in mind to gain a solution.  Be able to meet and focus on whatever needed to build and uplift one another.  Then came Real Wives of Charlotte, a support group for wives and their marriages.  Finally there was a girls group Lil Sista to help mothers with their daughters in hopes to help with any dilemmas they are facing and unable to speak to mom or dad about it.


This is God given and driven in me to be able to dissect yourself first before addressing anyone else’s issues.  In a relationship 50/50 don’t cut it.  We must give our all 100% of oneself to be able to work as a unit.  Where the focus first is self-love, as once you have conquered yourself everything else will fall into place.


This network is here to uplift women and create an outlet where they can share their experiences and escape from the pressures of life with a solution in mind.  It is our mission to Empower, Uplift, Motivate, and Inspire women and give back to out community.  And always to reflect on yourself and self love first.  It Starts With Me.