The Sista Girls Network is group for women single or married to meet and speak without judgment and full honesty.  Created to Empower, Uplift, Motivate, and Embrace women.   Monthly there are topics about relationships to build yourself, within your love life, career, or what is a current hot topic.   It is amazing how perfect strangers can give you insight on a topic because they have overcome that in their lives. 

All the women are able to speak on what they have been through or going through in an open space that is receiving, and able to let you vent, but always ending on a solution based focus.  There is no male bashing like some men will voice. Just women going through struggles and need advice from women that are season or able to see their challenges and suggest other ways that they can turn to.  

Again I created the women group because it was a need for me.  I didn’t have a sister to call my own, but I would treat all my women like my sisters.  

"Always reflecting on yourself first and working towards making you %100. It Starts With Me.